Fuel quantity indicating system = dipstick (Flight International 27th April - 3rd May 2004)

Negative tactical advantage = we lost (Flight International 05/05/1999)

Payload accommodation manager customer affairs = check-in staff.(Flight International 20th - 26th Apr 2004)

Primary pilot interface control and top level application navigation management system = menu  (Flight International 03/12/2002)

Progressively more challenging timetable = late (Flight International ??/??/1995)

Self-contained in-seat entertainment system = book.  (Flight International 05/11/2002)

Schedule-driven = You'll get it when you said you wanted it.
Event-driven = You'll get it when it's ready
Review-driven = You may never get it.
Dynamically-driven = You want it when ?  (Flight International 21/05/2002)

Star tracker attitude control system anomaly = dropped the sextant (Flight International 08/12/1999)

Tail-biting convolutional encoding forward error correction scheme = ATC

Unplanned operational ground contact terminal structural overstress event, leading to a total loss of airframe primary structural integrity = crash

We have to maintain a semi-rigid state of flexibility" = Stiff upper lip.

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