Speed Trap

In the days of the Northrop F-89 Scorpions, an Air Force pilot at an interceptor squadron was driving to work one day when he got caught in a speed trap on a road that ran very near to the end of the runway. He argued his case with the local cops, but to no avail.

Steaming mad and more than a little frustrated, he stormed into Operations demanding that an F-89 be readied for him immediately.

Firing up the engines, he taxied to the active runway and took off.

Shortly after getting airborne, he declared an emergency and reversed course back to the field. Of course, being the good pilot that he was and ever-mindful not to exceed the max landing weight of his Scorpion, and having a fuel dumping system installed, he dumped his excess fuel... just as he reached the road near the end of the runway.

The fuel-drenched cops packed up their radar and weren't seen anywhere near that area again for a very long time.


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