Purdy slick , huh?

There were several airplanes "holding short" and waiting for permission to takeoff. All these airplanes had pulled over into the "holding area" just short of the taxiway leading to the runway...just sitting there side by side waiting for ATC to give one of them a release. An EASTERN airplane taxied into the area and continued slowly past the parked planes until it was blocking all other airplanes.

The tower cleared the first plane for takeoff but of course they complained..."We're blocked and can't get to the runway." The tower asked, "Who can reach the runway for takeoff?" "EASTERN 313 is ready to go!" After being cleared for takeoff, the EASTERN whispered over the radio, "purdy slick, huh?" As they started down the runway and got up to about 80 knots, someone keyed a mike and rang the engine fire test warning. EASTERN aborted the takeoff and reported, "We're aborting for an engine fire warning but we didn't have any fire lights illuminated!" As they taxied clear of the runway someone added, "Puurdy slick, huh?".


Last updated: 21 January, 2004 14:06