Even More on the Radio

Somtimes, we forget that Air Traffic are human too...

ATC protocol
  Tower: "Have you got enough fuel or not?"
  Pilot: "Yes?"
  Tower: "Yes what?"
  Pilot: "Yes, SIR!"
ATC surprise
  Control: "You are unreadable, say again."
  Motor-glider: "Iíve turned off the engine, is that better?."
  Control: (lonnnnnnnnnnnng pause)
ATC exasperation
  Air Canada 1147: "Moncton, Air Canada 1147, can you get the winds from 167 above us?"
  Moncton: "As soon as I get a chance, I will."
  (some time passes with continuous radio chatter)
  Air Canada 1147: "Moncton, 1147, what are the winds up there?"
  Moncton: "Standby for that please."
  (more radio chatter)
  Air Canada 1147: "Moncton, can you ask company 167 for his winds?"
  Moncton: "OK, 1147 and 167, I have a little too much to do for that sort of thing right now. Iíll leave it up to you guys to go over to company frequency and pass wind."


Source: Flight International 26 April - 2nd May 2005.

Last updated: 16 February 2015