Cessna 150 Chat Up

A short while after landing at a big airport in his Cessna 150, the pilot strolls into the busy airport cafeteria for a bite to eat.

He finds an empty table next to the window in order to keep an eye on the airport coming and going traffic. Shortly thereafter, a strikingly beautiful woman walks up and asks to share his table. Naturally, he invites her to sit down.

After several minutes of small talk, the woman asks if he is a pilot. He responds, “Why... yes, I am... I fly a C-150.” Knowing next to nothing about airplanes, she asks him how big is a C-150.

The pilot looks out the window and spots a Hercules C-130 taxiing out for takeoff. Pointing to it, he tells his companion, “Do see that plane over there? That is a C-130... I fly a C-150!”

Last updated: 19 August, 2004 13:03