When Bob volunteered to occasionly help out on Ops at the weekend, we were very happy. When we found out that he had a reputation at home as a practical joker, we were in heaven.

The Kettle Incident.

Of all of the jobs performed by Ops, none are more important than the making of a brew. One day, Bob filled the kettle with water, switched it on and waited for it to boil.

And waited...

After a while, he checked that it was correctly switched on and then gave it another go. Still no boiling water. Having failed to boil the kettle and in true aviation tradition, Bob declared the kettle unservicable to the massed instructors. Only to be presented with the missing kettle lead.

It wasn't me...

The Inverness Incident.

One day, while on holiday, Bob (and his wife) decided to drop into Inverness airport and hire an aircraft to do some sight seeing. To confirm his flying skills (or lack thereof), they phoned the club. The call went something like this:

Inverness: Hello, this is the club at Inverness.

Club: Hello Inverness, nice to hear from you.

Inverness: We've got Bob here...

Club: Well you can keep him!

Sound of phone being put down.

It wasn't me. Again.

The Tea Bag Incident.

The Faulkner method for flying straight and level.

Keep the tea bag hanging 90 degrees to the horizon.

The method has the added bonus of providing motivation for Andy to stay awake!

The opinion from the other side of the cockpit is that having Bob in the left hand seat is motivation enough to stay awake.

Last updated: 29 November 2017