Delta Airlines Advertising Slogans

The Top 15 Advertising Slogans for Delta Air Lines...  (feel free to replace Delta with the airline of your choice!) 

1. Delta: We're Amtrak with wings. 

2. Join our frequent near-miss program. 

3. Ask about our out-of-court settlements. 

4. Noisy engines? We'll turn 'em off! 

5. Complimentary champagne in free-fall. 

6. Enjoy the in-flight movie in the plane next to you. 

7. The kids will love our inflatable slides. 

8. You think it's so easy, get your own damn plane! 

9. Delta: Our pilots are terminally ill and have nothing to lose. 

10. Delta: We might be landing on your street! 

11. Delta: Terrorists are afraid to fly with us. 

12. Bring a bathing suit. 

13. So that's what these buttons do! 

14. Delta: A real man lands where he wants to. 

15. Delta: We never make the same mistake three times. 


Last updated: 16 February, 2003 20:03