Technical German

I first came across this reported in an Air Pictorial Magazine report of the Paris Airshow around 1972, where it was attributed to a notice found at the flight engineer's station on the flight deck of the (then) new Lockhead Tristar.


Das machine is nicht fur gerfingerpoken und mittengraben. Is easy schnnappen de springenwrk, blowenfusen und poppencorken mit spizensparken. Is nicht fur gewerken by das dumkopfen und das rubbernecken. Sightseeren keepen der hands in der pockets, relaxen und watch der blinkenlights.

Correspondence in Computing Magazine over several issues in May 2003, tracked the original as far back as 1959 at Stanford University, with another report that it was seen on the flight deck of a Boeing Superfortress in the early 1950's

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